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Each subwoofer column, weighing in at over 500 lbs., houses four very high output twelve inch woofers, in a optimally loaded fourteen foot transmission line.  The transmission line loading allows the woofers to operate free of the internal cabinet pressures that can inhibit a woofer's ability to accurately reproduce low level bass detail, while allowing for extreme bass reproduction and output.

You can't cheat physics.  A single six inch driver cannot move enough air to accurately recreate the impact of a bass drum or pipe organ, much less the extreme low frequency output of movies, when used in a theater setup.  When it comes to sound, we at Vos Loudspeakers do not believe in compromise.

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The 1250 HZ, 18 dB per octave crossover networks for the midrange-tweeter panels are housed in separate enclosures, allowing the listener the flexibility of several hook-up options:  from using the passive crossover, to bi-wiring, or utilizing an electronic crossover for bi-amplification.


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Each set of Arrays is hand built in Aurora, Colorado to suit the customer's wishes.  Shown here in Walnut, other hardwoods and finishes are available to complement your listening room.  Upon completion, the arrays are delivered*, set up, and acoustically balanced by our team of perfectionists.

Each set of arrays consists of four seven foot tall towers:  two subwoofer columns and two midrange-tweeter panels.  They are a stunning statement of visual magnificence that is only surpassed by the sonic performance.

Twelve six inch woofers and nine air motion tweeters in a line array, provide a sound stage that is both uncanny in its ability to reproduce large ensembles, while being able to provide pinpoint location of individual performers.  The open baffle design allows the drivers to operate in a free-air environment.  The result is inspirational to the soul, as well as a delight to the ears.

Precision Sound Array

Precision Sound Reproduction

Soul Inspiring Performance


Some very prominent speaker manufacturers have stated that it is impossible to achieve both accuracy and high output - a notion we find absurd. The Precision Sound Arrays will faithfully reproduce the delicate nuances of a solo piano, softly enunciating a soul-stirring melody; yet effortlessly fill your listening space with the thunderous crescendo of a symphony orchestra.  Having a party?  Let the arrays entertain your guests with powerful dynamics and gut-throbbing bass.